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A documented story of a synchronicity miracle :)

The video:

(“A documented story of a synchronicity miracle”: video)

The text:

One beautiful day, I woke up in the morning in a bad mood.

But I didn’t let it get over me – I started to do my aligning exercises and very soon felt better. How I love this possibility! :)

I did several of my New Very Special Exercises and started to feel elated, delighted, it was like heaven on earth.

Then I went to my beloved healer. (I go to her periodically: I do a lot of my work, tending to come to new vibrations, becoming them, and then when I come to her, it feels like she stabilizes me in these new energies, and I can move further.)

I came to her place earlier, than I had to, so I called her to ask, if she would accept me earlier, or I should take a walk and wait – she asked me to take a walk.

And I love these cases! When I am told to wait for some appointment, I use the time of waiting for some aligning work/play, and then the appointments go so much better!

So I did take a walk, in the beautiful surroundings of her house. There again I felt so sweetly elated from my special exercises, and at some point this elation bursted out in a feeling of opening, and I felt, that in the project we’ve been working on, much more is possible, much more is done, than I thought before.

It was kind of a feeling.. when my daughter was little, I asked her if she was a princess – she said, No, I’m a queen. That was the difference of the feeling about the project. :)

Then the time came to go to the healer. I told her about the thoughts and revelations I had recently.

One was, that dependencies teach – that in a tense situation with my daughter, I suddenly felt this freedom – that I didn’t need to wait for positive emotions to come from there, instead, as AH say, I could be – and wanted to be – a vibrational starting point.

And *I* even wouldn’t be the one flowing love into this elationship (I love this word) – I would *allow in* the love that comes to us already, from Source.

Visually it’s like, not waiting for the feeding from a side, being fed from above, letting it in, thriving on it, enjoying it, living it in the present, feeding the stream (the elationship, the life) with it.

Another one was, that I read in some article, how a self-image of being important, good, is invented, taken by us as a compensation to a self-image of being not important, bad, neglected. And how I felt then, that when we recognize these self-images, we can just release them all, from the very beginning, not inventing new ones, that would compensate for the taken earlier.

I also told her how excited I felt about my new book (33 thoughts to feel better), published before only to Kindle, iTunes etc., going to be published as a paperback.

It was a wonderful story, how I wrote it: for several years I was gathering thoughts that felt better, that could serve as templates, applied to align about various subjects. I did know the name of the book. I gathered in my Evernote hundreds of thoughts. But the book still wasn’t flowing out readily, so I continued making notes.

Then one day I came to her, and during the healing procedure, I suddenly felt such an urge to write, that it was even painful! And orgasmic, at the same time.

So I came home and started writing the book. It was like, not forcing the book out, as it is sometimes taught, – it was releasing it out, like AH say, – “when wild horses can’t keep you from it”. The Hell Yes. :)

Next month the healer couldn’t meet me, so I saw her in two months from that day. The writing went unpredictable – sometimes more, sometimes less, so I wasn’t sure, when I complete it.

But when I came to her – I realized, that the book I started after the previous visit, was complete the evening before this next visit. A cycle of creation, a circle in the spiral. :)

So we both were delighted to see the book taking next steps.

After the healing procedure I felt so amazing.. I said to the healer “thank you so much! I wish you to feel how I now feel, and even better – even though I don’t think it is possible” :) I went to my favorite place to eat, and then to the sea.

It was a very sunny day, and windy, and I found at the sea my favorite kiters!

This is how it looked. Approximately. My phone doesn’t give enough justice to it, but I hope you can feel, what day it was.

But it was so openly sunny, that I went along the beach, trying to find a place, where I could sit, waiting until the sun goes down enough for me to take a walk.

I didn’t want to get sand into my shoes, so the cafe at the beach didn’t suit me. I continued strolling along the beach, looking for a place to sit.

I didn’t know if I could find it – I never saw there what I was looking for now. But I kept looking for it.

And suddenly I saw a place, under a roof, – it had beautiful, comfortable chairs, and it was a place for a restaurant, that as I was told, would open only at 19:00.

So I sat down there, got my notes out… and I suddenly felt it all, how heavenly set up it was. From my comfortable chair, – I even took down my shoes and got there with my legs, – sitting in the blessed refreshing breezy shadow, I saw kites, I saw the sea, and the kites were moving together, in sync with the music, flowing from the speakers above my head. Not too loud, not too quiet, not too fast, not too slow, – exactly comfortable, nice, lazy, touching.

Here, I tried to record it: (video)

You see those kites moving together with the music?

You can hear almost no music here, because of the wind and the cars, for some reason, in the recording they sound much louder than it was there. There it was perfect. :)

I wish I could record for you my happiness :) But maybe you can feel some of it here.

At some point, when the sun was still high, it stopped being covered by the roof. I had a pillar in front of me – but the sun was not covered by it. I looked at it, thinking – the sun goes down to the sea, as I remember it happening in that place. So what could be the chances of the sun instead going aside to be covered by the pillar – for my belief? None?

Then I remembered Bashar and how he said to a woman that she could stop smoking by changing her past – in this other parallel reality (into which we switch anyway, as he says, billions times per second, we just usually switch to more of the same) she can be not in the need to quit smoking, because in that parallel reality she never was smoking!

So I thought, the sun cannot go aside, but as Bashar says, “never change the reality you’re in,” – I could instead switch to the parallel reality, where the sun is covered by the pillar already. Simple as that. Just being that vibration.

With those thoughts I got distracted.. when I looked at the sun again, it was covered by the pillar. I laughed. :)

I waited until the sun would go down, doing my aligning process. And then I went to the sea, to walk some, and to wait, until that restaurant would open.

I did think it would be expensive there, but I felt.. I couldn’t say No to my soul, as to a little child, who wanted to be there. I wanted to give me that celebration.

I also, in some recent processes, practiced the feeling of living in luxury – so I guess, here it came also, implementing it.

The evening came, it became dark, I saw stars, I was saying those Special Words, feeling happy.

Then it came the time of 19:00, and I went to the restaurant.

On my way I saw this:

Royal each

Without the dark letter, it turned to a title that said: everyone is Royal. :)

They gave me a table, but when I sat next to it, I heard, that at the table near me a man and a woman were having a conversation, and I wanted silence. So I asked the waiters to give me another table – they said no, all other tables were reserved.

Ok, I sat there. Was it something about the acoustics of that place, I don’t know, but the conversation next to me sounded to me more like white noise. I didn’t hear, what they were talking about. But my eyes got drawn to them, and some separate words came to me and made me interested, very interested. But I shut down my desire to speak to them, seeing it as inappropriate. At some point the man smiled to me, it was like he was smiling to something in the conversation, and he thought I heard it and was smiling to that, too. Like I was participating in it.

To which I stopped stopping myself and told him, “I didn’t hear your conversation, only some isolated words, but those words spoke to me dearly! Especially the word ‘vibration’, because that’s what I’m working with!” But this word could mean something different.

And we started a conversation, and it turned to be.. we were such co-thinkers! If I wanted, I bet I couldn’t find people, more matching me! And I wanted another table!

At some point I mentioned Bashar, and they exclaimed “Bashar? Abraham-Hicks??” Could you believe I would be sat next to those people, against my will? :)

And when we spoke about some people setting goals, and I said, I don’t like this idea, I like what AH say about the Vortex and all dreams already contained in it, I saw in their reaction, that these were the people whom I was thinking about, when I was writing my book, for whom I was writing it, with whom I was sharing it. My best beloved readers, understanding it to the depth and to the delicacy, to the beauty. Speaking the same language.

When I was writing my book description, I put there .. kind of codewords. I was fighting myself, knowing on one side, it wasn’t something conventional or convenient to put in, but I felt, on the other side, if I were the one, who was reading these words, it would let me know, this writer speaks to *me*, seeing the life structure in a way that’s dearest and closest to my heart, having the same understanding, what the essence is and what truly matters.

book description

And here I found them. :)

We all were amazed with this meeting. And we spoke on how sweet and unexpected it always is, no matter how usual and explainable these miracles become, when one is working/playing with their vibration intentionally. “Deliberately,” as AH say.

Ah, that’s when I mentioned Bashar! I remembered his saying, that in the course of following this path, one comes to a life, where miracles are everyday’s nature.

So, miracles are usual and habitual :) and yet, we never get used to them, they still surprise and delight us every time anew. Miracles are still miracles :)

Later in the evening I found out, that some time in the middle of the day (after my visit to the healer, and before the restaurant), my phone clock jumped one hour forward. That’s why I saw movement at the restaurant doors, that’s why most tables at the restaurant were taken. If not that, I would come to the restaurant an hour earlier. I guess, that wasn’t the intention of .. the one who set it all up. :)

..If you only knew, how in conflict I was, if to complete this video and publish it or not. Some part of me kept saying, it is so unimportant to anyone but me. And I already wanted to close it down. But then I asked myself: if I were a free God, doing as free will wishes, would I publish it? The answer I felt, was Yes. So I decided to do it.

You know that Bashar’s “follow your excitement, to the best of your ability, with zero expectation of the outcome”? That’s it, I’m doing it, for the pleasure of being a free God with a free will, with a pleasure of doing. :)

And if you like it, the better! :)

Let’s be happy? :)

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