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In my recent aligning I paid attention, that when I write a program, I tend to take every aspect that I don’t know (yet), how to implement, as “I suck, I’m a failure, I know nothing.”

Now in my recent new-style programming, when I align, and then let the alignment express itself through new code, me riding the wave, – I said, okay, I tend to take it so, but I can also say: it’s an opening question, to which the new alignment will bring beautiful answers. It felt so much better!

So I started to call these “I don’t know how in the world it can be implemented at all!” – preview, thumbnails of what will be given to me in the new alignment.

And now I’m listening to an EC workshop, back 2 years ago, and suddenly hear there: “it’s the new level’s invitation being revealed.” What a beautiful wording! What a sweet reply :) cooperative rendezvouzing at its bestest :) ♥ Woohoo!! :) I love my life, so much. :) ♥

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