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“A little known secret concerning life in the jungles of time and space

is that however far you reach, you will go farther. However great your dream, it will be grander. And however much you love, you will be loved much more.
We call it the law of increasing returns.

Love you much more,
The Universe”

came 8 years ago in Notes from The Universe and just reminded me of itself. Thank you, The Universe, for your caring! :)

Getting into the Vortex, by Jim Carrey :)

(“Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey Talk: The Power Of Intention and Visualization!”: video)

A therapeutic song

One of that kind of songs I love listening to, in the middle of the night, in big headphones. It seems then to take over the whole world. :)

At first when I saw the lyrics, I didn’t quite understand, what it was about. But later my aunt told me something unpleasant, and I felt inside this choice: the hurt or remembering our good loving times.

I put this song just to calm myself. But then I heard the lyrics, and they suddenly came in with all their help (see below, every word there seems important to me now).

Very therapeutic and beautiful.

(“Poets of the fall ~ Sleep”: video)

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OMG, how useful!

“‘How do I know the vibration of that which I do not currently have or experience?’ And the answer to that question is that you do have it. It is within you, and when you start to see it that way, it becomes easier. As long as you are holding that which you desire outside of yourself, and holding yourself apart from it by believing that you do not know how to get it, you will not find the vibration of it.

And as soon as you look within yourself for the vibration, you will not only find it, you will be able to hold it for as long as you like. Because what is inside of you cannot elude you, it cannot be separate from you. You are it, and it is you. And when you know that, when you embody that vibration, then that is the reflection that will show itself to you.

Now, the vibration is not detail-oriented. You do not have to worry about getting it just right. You do not have to wonder whether you are holding the right vibration for that which you wish to experience.

All you have to do is know what the essence of your desire is, and that is not very specific. So when you reach within yourself for the vibration of that which you desire, just know that you know intuitively what the essence of that desire is, and you will find it. And then the desire will find you.”

from Daniel Scranton’s channeling

Simple question, powerful answer

I heard in Bashar’s seminar today (the “Cybo”), that addictions come when we feel not our true power, so it gives us the feeling of us being more powerful than we think we are, or we’re running this way in fear to feel not powerful enough – I guess, then it provides distraction.

I do have what I see as an addiction – reading fantasy books.

And today, when feeling the desire to go into a book, I simply asked myself (with no insistence, no blaming, no making myself do anything else): “If I knew now I’m powerful, what would I be doing?”

And as an answer I suddenly did something, that was truly big for me. For one day for sure. :)

Of course, it is Mars suddenly going direct, and the New Moon with all the great possibilities opening.

Or is it? :)

Simple question, powerful effect. Slight difference – big change. I love when it happens. :)

The balance point

“Many of you talk about your physical reality
as if it’s actually a polarity, a duality, it’s not:
it’s a trinity.

Between the light and the dark, the positive and negative
there’s always the center point, the balance point.

And the big secret is,
because it’s true balance point,
which gives you the ability to choose what you prefer,
that means creation is actually very slightly biased
in the direction of the positive.

So if you did nothing else but just let go, utterly let go,
then natural currents in creation would carry you
toward the positive side, eventually.” ~ Bashar

Why we “never change the reality we’re in”

Bashar says it’s because every one of us moves through static frames (that we perceive as time), and this moves with our vibration only. So we don’t change the reality that we’re in, instead, when changing our vibration, we move to a static frame, where the reality is different.

Reminding me of the set of Parallel realities notions I made 5 years ago: from Bashar, Abraham-Hicks and BBC Documentary.

And of Vadim Zeland’s (Reality Transurfing) outer intention.

Good to know

“The signal of abundance is that you already contain it all.
Remember that this is a ‘win-win’, as you say, situation:

no one has to lose, so you can have it all.
Everyone can have it all,
that’s the benefit of a multi-dimensional, simultaneous Universe:

you’re each your own reality,
and in your own reality you can have it all,

and it will take nothing, not one tiny atom away from anyone else’s reality,
because you are the whole universe,
and you are the whole universe,
and you are the whole universe,

That is the beauty of the holographic nature of Creation.
You can all have it all, without anyone losing.”

~ Bashar

A documented story of a synchronicity miracle :)

The video:

(“A documented story of a synchronicity miracle”: video)

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So good to be a programmer :)

for myself. In addition to all :)

I was just inspired with the idea Daniel Hall brought: to put my book 33 thoughts to feel better to physical print on CreateSpace.

But I had a lot of links there – because in addition to thoughts, I also give links to self-coaching exercises, matching those thought chapters.

And these links are long, because they are descriptive:

And if in Kindle version these links are simply clickable, in the printed version I wouldn’t want to offer people to type them in the browser.

So I wanted to make short links. Only with redirection I had to spend too much time and effort on doing it. But I’m a programmer! And I so love applying it for automating the manual tedious tasks!

So I wrote a program, with which I work in the following way:

1. in the book file I copy the link;
2. I click the program button;
3. the program takes the copied link, shows it to me for confirmation and asks me for the short name, for example “33” for the link above;
4. I give it the short name;
5. the program creates a directory with that short name and the file index.php in it, in which the copied link is written, in a special php way, for redirection there;
6. the program copies for me (“into the mouse,” as one girl once said :)) the short link, actually the whole text: “(short link: http://notrivia.com/33)”;
7. I paste the text “from the mouse” :) into the book, and now the text looks like this:

Meaning, all I do is select link, Ctrl+C, click, enter new name, click, click, Ctrl+V. Then change the color of the short link text to a lighter one. That’s it! Miracles of everyday life. :)

So I quickly flowed through the whole book file like this, it was like playing. Then I only uploaded all the created directories to my web server with FileZilla, changed their permissions, and it works! :)

I so love these playful solutions. This ease, fun, play, flow. The excitement of life :)