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Such a passionate version of Summertime

(“Gene Harris – Summertime”: video)

I love the way he smiles

of course, the music, too, but his smile is so pure, so beautiful..

(“Erik Mongrain – AirTap!”: video)


(“Andy McKee – She”: video)

Have you heard Stanley Jordan?

A master..

(“Stanley Jordan – Stairway to Heaven”: video)


(“Nat King Cole – Smile”: video)

Funny clip

(“Dream a little dream of me”: video)

This song seems to go well with..

..the mantra “My future is irresistible.” :)

(“Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling”: video)

Music for a relaxed weekend

Enzo Enzo – Les Yeux Ouverts

Lisa Ekdahl – Its Oh So Quiet

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

Renee Olstead – Georgia On My Mind

Martin Taylor – Georgia on my mind – here it’s just guitar, an amazingly wonderful guitar

My favorite blues radio is back!!

They were changing links, and now the new link is working!! I am so thrilled. They are so alive, have so much drive, I just love them!!

Here they are:

Happy listening! :)

By the way, how are you listening to the online radio? I’m using RadioSure, they’re very convenient and absolutely free.

Do you love Garth Brooks as I do?

Here’re two songs with him I enjoy the most:

(“To Make you Feel My Love + Lyrics — Garth Brooks‏”: video)

(“Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places”: video)

did you know this song had a 3rd verse?.. :)