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62. Peacefully, gracefully, gorgeously, joyfully focus in the evening, feeling like home coming, for sweet dreams and a delicious tomorrow

Well, it says it all in the title :) I just noticed, how in the evening I don’t want to go to sleep, as it feels like I haven’t lived enough yet, didn’t have enough time for myself. Something in me feels incomplete in a way that requires completion in order to go to sleep. It usually feels like, a bit more flipping through social networks, or some books, and it will come, but it doesn’t that much – at some point it still takes willpower to just stop it all and go to sleep, as it’s already late in the night. But I don’t like living on willpower – and here, too, I would like to live a more delicious experience.

AH taught us to check, “under what influence” we are, when we’re making a decision, or doing something. And I think the most of it I can say in this: when I don’t go to sleep, it’s in these cases not under the influence of alignment. And I do love alignment and want to live more of it and under it, and powered by it. :)

So I thought, what if I could create a small process that would help me to end the day in the way I described in the title of this process? Here it is:

Step 1

How to use it

More thoughts for this step:

Step 2: Thoughts Flow

It’s not the goal to make, convince us to go to sleep, it’s to soothe, elate here and now. It’s to do what we will be doing, in a more aligned feeling. “Don’t seek improvement, just seek relief. Don’t seek solutions, just seek relief.” and also “You are free. You are powerful. You are good. You are love. You have value. You have purpose. All is well.” ~ AH – and we can be Well Being, we can let it in, we can be it, tune in and enjoy.

 Thoughts  Feeling
 What I love, in general, a feeling:

 How it feels: Pay attention to the posture of this
 thought, to how it breathes in you, how
 it smiles, how it inspires you
 What I loved today:  How it feels:
 What feels resourceful to me,
 maybe in general:
 How it feels:
 What parts of my body feel tense
 now, what are more relaxed:
 How it feels:
 What delicious experience I can
 have tomorrow:
 How it feels:
 What delicious experience I can
 have now:
 How it feels:
 How good it feels, to sleep
 comfortably, peacefully:
 How it feels:
 How good it feels, to wake up
 refreshed, peacefully:
 How it feels:
 How good it feels, to be
 in comfort with me:
 How it feels:
 Can I now for a moment
 just be with the vibration I am in:
 How it feels:
 Can I appreciate the part of me
 that wants to sleep now:
 How it feels:
 Can I appreciate the part of me
 that wants to do something now:
 How it feels:
 Can we hug all together now:  How it feels:
 Could I accept, that life is always
 “in development mode”:
 How it feels:
 What was fulfilling today:  How it feels:
 What can be fulfilling tomorrow:  How it feels:
 What am I “becoming”, as AH say,
 what is my Vortexy Sankalpa,
 most precious & mine:
 How it feels:
 What am I feeling the most proud
 & appreciative for:
 How it feels:
 What I love the most:  How it feels:
 A delicious feeling:  How it feels:
 How homecoming feels to me:  How it feels:
 How being in the receptive mode
 feels to me:
 How it feels:

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
Any notes you’d like to add:

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