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61. Focus wheel with enhancements

Recently AH brought up this Focus Wheel instrument again, and I loved how easy it was for me to do it, how light and powerful, so I want to provide yet again a holding-space environment here, which can be filled on the phone, too (therefore it won’t be in a circle). I also added to it some enhancements I love feeling the additional cooperation from :)

Here’re some instruction and inspiration from AH:

(“Abraham Hicks – What is the purpose of the Focus Wheel process?”: video)

(“Abraham ~ Focus wheel on finding a partner ♥”: video)

(“Abraham Hicks, Focus Wheel to Flow Energy when feeling stuck”: video)

“The whole point of calibration is to make it easier for you to move this way, than to move that way. To come to believe in desire. You tune into your power, you tune into your joy, you tune into your love. So that ALL that power is your point of attraction.” ~ AH

Step 1: Finding the Central Thought

You can state where you are (carefully, maybe not digging too much where you can feel too bad), and formulate the thought that will be in the center (the thought/state you want to come to):

Step 2: Thoughts Flow

Here we'll go from the thought we choose to start with, to the next thoughts - maybe of a general level, or maybe more detailed, but keeping eye on how we feel, in order to stay in a feeling good place. We'll better find a general thought that feels good, than more detailed that brings tension. Patience :) and enjoying. "Enjoying what is and being eager for more." :)

There's an area below for ideas: if they come while we're looking for the next thoughts, we can drop them there.

 Thought #1:

 Feeling (optional)

 How it feels: Pay attention to the posture of this
 thought, to how it breathes in you, how
 it smiles, how it inspires you
 Thought #2:  How it feels:
 Thought #3:  How it feels (still good?): 
 Thought #4:  How it feels:
 Thought #5:  How it feels:
 Thought #6:  How it feels:
 Thought #7:  How it feels:
 Thought #8:  How it feels:
 Thought #9:  How it feels:
 Thought #10:  How it feels:
 Thought #11:  How it feels:
 Thought #12:  How it feels:
The central thought again, and you can change it now if you feel like it:
For ideas:

(“Nina Simone – Feeling Good”: video)

(“Etta James – At last”: video)

I also find it fulfilling, grounding to have this process upon completion:

("Sianna Sherman - Sankalpa Mudra": video)

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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