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59. Easy, exciting aligning to a powerful, calling desire

AH usually say that in order to align with a desire, we should ask ourselves “Why do I want it?” instead of “How will I achieve it? How will it come?” We should also pay attention that we actually answer “Why do I want it?” and not “Why do I not want the absence of it?” (in a recent seminar example, “Why do you want raining?” and not “Why do you not want the drought?”).

Yet, even “Why do I want it?” is still for me containing the energy of not having it yet. It’s like, to imagine why I do want what I want, I have to gather lots of soul, will resources in order to focus and specify what it is that I want and what it would bring me. It’s like, my energy is scattered and I have to gather it together, in order to see a bit further the details of what I get with the desire manifested. And then I only see few details, like only the first layer, step of what it will/can be, not further and not too deep.

But with an insight recently, I found two phrases that as if do all that gathering of me by themselves! They bring me to the point where I can easier just look at what I love, what I want, and it lets me list the desired details easier and with pleasure.

The first is, “Well OF COURSE I want it:” (and then to list the details that would make receiving the desired so obviously delicious) – it immediately asks me to look at what I SO love in what I would be getting.

And the continuation is “Well OF COURSE I love it:” (and then also to list, what I love in living the manifested desire) – this is even better, higher than the first one, yet I mostly get the access to pleasurably using it only after answering the first one. And then this phrase and answering it gives me the feeling of already having it, and loving what I have in it, while in the first it was more of ..wanting in general – without too much feeling of the absence of it, but not yet feeling the having of it. In the second list I can already go about loving it when I have and enjoy it.

So, let’s state the desire (in general, or however it feels the best now):

Step 1

More thoughts for this step:

Step 2: the list of answers to “Well OF COURSE I want it:”

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.

Step 3: the list of answers to “Well OF COURSE I love it:”

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.

and now, for the most advanced masters, and for the advanced pleasure, let’s take it further and apply this magic question: “How does it get any better than this?”

Step 4: the list of answers to “How can it be even better than this?”

What can be even better: What I love in it the most:

“You have a lot of success under your belt.
You are doing better than you’re giving yourself credit for.
We want you to feel the credit WE are giving you from our standpoint.” ~ AH

“I’ve launched it, it’s mine, it’s calling me. It’s calling me. And it’s the path of least resistance. It wants me, is looking for me, it’s calling me and attracts me. We think you are grasping it.” ~ AH

“It’s done. It doesn’t need more work, it’s done.” ~ AH

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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