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58. Tomorrow’s story

I saw this idea years ago, that to organize the tomorrow (to prepare the flow!), it’s good to write a scenario about it.

Someone then offered an interesting modification: to write a story about what you expect to do tomorrow, but writing it in the third person.

Meaning, instead of writing “I will do this and that,” I would write “Olga does this and that.”

I tried it then, added to it describing my emotions together with the events, and found it hilarious and engaging, and aligning! Which always is a keyword for me. :)

Writing in the third person added to it an easier feeling, I guess because it’s easier to be aligned about someone else, and it’s easier to imagine a good feeling flow with some distance from the pre-aligned life details.

So I felt freer, and it was also enjoyable by itself. I would write, for example: “Olga is waking up fresh and full of energy, feeling how delicious the day is. She takes a shower, and it is nice, warm, adding to the feeling of how nice, caring & supportive the day is. She eats breakfast, and it’s perfectly tasty. She comes into the <…> office, and gets a fast friendly service, with precisely the documents that are good for her to get. The timing is perfect, and she feels, how the whole world greets her with pleasure.” And so on :)

It gives me the basking immediately, and also that precious feeling, that no matter what it will be, right now I’m aligned, I feel good, I am in it, I live this energy. One of those feelings that probably are the only ones that really work.

And now I felt like it could benefit me, and you, to have this process available here: I found many times, that filling a prepared table here is easier for me, than starting it all anew, no matter if it’s in handwriting or not. I kind of have a leeway here, it feels like a part of the work is already done for me and I can play more in a supportive, friendly atmosphere.

Remember, the rule is to choose not what’s “right,” but what feels better! :)

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3: My story for tomorrow

I wonder what could make this process even more powerful and enjoyable. Do you have an idea?

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