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53. Would you rather feel…

In a recent workshop I heard Abraham saying:

“Would you rather experience clarity or confusion, ease or frenzy, calm or panic, kind or mean, appreciation or criticism, love or hatred, love or anger, love or blame, love or…”

It reminded me of their process I heard some time ago: they were doing kind of focus wheel this way, comparing emotions of each two consecutive steps. I then thought, it would be nice to do it this way.

And now it inspired me to add this process. I was just flowing with it, finding out so much about myself! It revealed such subtleties of the feelings, in the comparison, I never felt it that sharply & clearly, when just having those feelings.

I think it now will be one of my most favorite processes: a powerful focus gym, and aligning, and having an immediate access to heights.. Lovely! And so easy! :)

It feels sunny to me, and finding out the details, like here:


Would you like to play with these choices, too? Here they are!
Some of them are tricky, beware. :)

Would you rather feel:


While I was creating this process, this clip came to my attention, and it was so matching my feeling :)

(“Abraham ♪♫ Pleasure”: video)

And then when I finished and felt really great, I met this meditation, which was such an answeet ♥! So answering the options that came inspired in the process above (some of them I had in mind before I started to write, and some others just came, realized, during the process). Amazing meditation, very powerful:

(“Natural Noticing – Guided Meditation ~ Mooji”: video)

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
Any notes you’d like to add:

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