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48. Aligning Map (aligning many areas at once)

I used to do this on paper, but now I got a few more ideas, and the process can get more playful this online way, so here we go. :)

The idea is to divide a sheet of paper to several areas, each one corresponding to one area in my life I want to align on, and in the center to leave some space, where I write down all the Vortex ideas that come – meaning, how it all looks in the Vortex.

I.e. the algorithm can be (do what feels best to you):

  1. name areas of your life you’d like to align about;
  2. in every area aligning field write a thought that gives you some relief in that area;
  3. at the same time paying attention (asking yourself), what’s in your Vortex regarding that area, and adding it to the center field.

You can use the buttons in the Control Panel that comes below, with those buttons you can append the same text to all the aligning fields at once. Choose from a dropdown box or write your own thoughts, and then use the corresponding button to add it everywhere.

Why I added these buttons – because I often find, that a better feeling thought that I find for one area, actually can be useful in all fields. Only, when I’m doing it on paper, I need to write it all manually to all the entries, and here I can enjoy adding it all automatically everywhere, with one click of a button!

Let’s play? :)

 In your Vortex:
Control Panel
Select a thought and add it to all fields at once:

Or write your own thought and add it to all the fields at once:

Increase the height of all aligning fields, to have more visible space in them:

“Who you really are is Nonphysical Energy focused in a physical body, knowing full well that all is well and always has been and always will be. You are here to experience the supreme pleasure of concluding new desires, and then of bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with the new desire that you’ve concluded — for the purpose of taking thought beyond that which it has been before.” ~ AH

“art of allowing the full view,
art of allowing your full power,
art of allowing your emotion to improve before the manifestation gives you the justification for it – that’s what deliberate creation is at its best” ~ AH

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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