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31. Thanking for desire as achieved – I love it! :)

If you’re filling it at night, as I often do, use the Make Night link. Have a good night! :)

A realization of an exercise I so love.. It started on one Landmark Forum course, years ago, where they gave us an exercise we did in pairs, where we said what we wanted and then our partner would thank us, as if we already achieved it. It gave an incredible feeling! In that moment, we felt fully aligned and more than that: not only we achieved what we wanted, but others are thanking us for it! So it’s good for someone else, too! By achieving my desire I did something good for someone else! A warming thought, for sure. :)

Yesterday, hearing from Tony Robbins a recommendation to thank ourselves, I suddenly connected the two, and I thanked myself for achieving letting come what I desired. It gave such warm waves of relief and love!

I had some contrasting thoughts yesterday at night.. but I remembered how good thanking myself felt, so I started to flood myself inside with thanking again. It worked for some time, then the negative thoughts started to flood me again, so I started to thank myself again.. it was like a ping-pong. And I think I won :) as far as I remember, I fell asleep with the warm waves of happiness.

But doing this in thinking inside is sometimes less easy, than doing it in these site forms, so I created the following form. You’re welcome to use it, too. I surely will! :)

I added to it something else, too: I heard (again, years ago, I love how it all connects now!) from Jorj Elprehzleinn, that it’s not very easy to come up with a really rich, exciting, satisfying desire, we humble out in the beginning, so it’s better to formulate it in several steps: to state the desire once, as good as we can imagine it, then improve in it something a bit, then improve more, etc. Anyway Bashar says, the best we can imagine is the least we can get :)

(“Bashar – The Least You Can Get”: video)

So I added several areas where we can upgrade our desire, improve it bit by bit so that it starts to really excite us. :)

This table is probably best to be filled by columns: first the left one, top to bottom, and then the right one.


As good as you can think of:
 Thank you for letting it come to you
 fully, satisfyingly,
 deliciously physically realized!!

Thank you because:
 A bit better:  Thank you also because:
 A bit better:  Thank you also because:
 A bit better:  Thank you also because:
 Better still:  Thank you also because:
 Even better:  Thank you also because:
 Absolutely the best you can think of
 How do you breathe, when having it?
 How do you smile?
 Thank you, thank you, thank you so
 much, also because:
 How do you walk, when having it?
 What is your posture?

If you wish, now you can play detective and appreciate.

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
Any notes you’d like to add:

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