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Accepting it all

From some tantra workshops, I think, I got those statements, that have been wonderfully helpful for me, grounding and freeing at the same time, “making peace with what is”, as AH would say:

I’m accepting myself as I am.
I’m accepting my body as it is.

Then I added to it:

I’m accepting my life as it is.

And more:

I’m accepting this moment as it is.

And today I was saying it, feeling the wonderful relieving of it, and then suddenly felt like continuing:

I’m accepting my power as it is.
I’m accepting me being a vibrational being as I am.
I’m accepting me being fully contained by my Source as I am.

And it went into a beautiful rampage, which I felt like sharing with you, now it feels more like celebrating :)

p.s. I wrote this and went to read what was sent to me in some groups. The first thing I saw:

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

― Lao Tzu”

funny and touching :)

Seeing vs. being

Related to this post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/143802934361573/posts/256262526448946/ I started to write a comment but it got too long. In case some of my ways can be useful to you, too:

I see it these days as stratification: when something once solid (me being it) becomes layers (me seeing it, and then I feel I don’t have to hold it any more, I can just release it). My beloved IFS calls it unblending. Sometimes it happens in itself, coming as an insight, a feeling (can come in a meditation, or in other rising processes). Besides that I have the following ways:

1. Seeing myself as a vibrational being, who has (is in) states, I’m asking myself in subjects interesting to me, what I would want to experience there, what feeling place I would want to be.

Then, taken from an NLP course, I’m asking myself, if I want this 100%. Then I often feel like, either I want it less than 100%, or like, I do want it 100%, but there is something between me and that state that I want, and I see it as a part of me, standing with its back to me, face to the desire.

If feeling like I don’t want it for 100%, or don’t believe I can have it 100%, I remember Bashar saying that we don’t “believe in our worthiness only 70%” – we actually “believe 100% that we’re worthy only 70%”.

For that I have Bashar’s exercise for the feelings, to state:

(1) I feel _____
(2) I feel _____ because I choose so
(3) I choose so because I believe it serves me

And then it’s interesting to look at why I think/feel it serves me – usually I feel that holding on to the protest lets me turn my back to the necessity to face uncertainty of the unknown, if I let go the holding on to.

When I feel it’s a part of me standing between me and my desire, it usually means it’s a Protector part of me, that sees the desired state (or the desiring itself) as a threat for me: it can be that I have an old belief about something in the desired, that I didn’t release yet, or that part thinks if I don’t get the desired, I may be hurt, or it believes I can’t get it, etc.

Then I can use the beautiful meditation at https://ifs-institute.com/nobadparts for Working with Protector Part. Or I have other ways to talk to the parts – for example, wrapping us all together in the blanket of indestructible core (and then indestructible core becomes irresistible core), and saying it was phase I, now we’re in phase II, etc.

A way to stratify, to unblend in this case can be asking myself, what I feel towards this part of me – and it can be compassion (that it still holds its protecting position, for all these years), and appreciation for what it tries to do for me, and love.

I’m also telling it “I don’t know myself what it can be now, I have no guarantees for you, either, but let’s just try to see it all through together”.

More about the IFS steps, for the second image in this post, you can find a nice summary here: https://medium.com/@lucasforstmeyer/the-steps-of-the-ifs-approach-8ffafcb2f12f

2. This came from Lorie Ladd’s phrase “it’s human experience”, I think in this video: https://youtu.be/ySOc2OO-PwU When I’m starting to feel afraid, or trying to figure out, sometimes it’s relieving to notice, “it’s my human experience that is afraid or figuring out, or trying to control, insisting on certain outcome”, and then I start feeling purpose, compassion, curiosity..

3. From Konstantin Dykin, who said “to change not the position in which you stand, but the decision to take this position [further]”: saying “what I’m feeling now – is a position. I may not change it in this red hot minute, but if I was making a decision to take a position in this subject for tomorrow, would I decide to take this position again, anew? If not, which position would I choose?”

For example, my position now I can formulate as “I’m feeling like the person I wanted to love me, doesn’t love me”, the position for tomorrow can be “I experience love from all people I love” – and then this new feeling place I even start feeling now, but it went the soothing way, not meeting the resistance of the previous position and the feeling I “should fix” something.

4. From Matt Kahn I saw a quote these days, recommending to say (in our thoughts) to the person who we feel negative towards, “thank you for helping me”. I tried :) and then the explanation kind of comes in itself, reminding Sara Landon’s “everything is happening not to you, but for you”, which probably starts showing to me the Source’s point of view, judging by the warm feeling I’m getting in the process.

MK: “When you say thank you to anything you assume it’s a gift, and when you assume it’s a gift only gifts can be revealed. Thank you is the end of lashing out, the disappearance of turning away, and the death of shutting down. It is the emergence of your highest vibration in form that transforms reality from the inside out – one blessing of gratitude at a time.” (or more :))

5. The quote “I like knowing that Source loves me, and I really really like to be loved” ~ AH brings me to the feeling place of feeling loved and contained by my Source, and then I see things that are incompatible with that vibration, as in seeing them, instead of being them.

6. A magic phrase for me now “getting to joy unconditionally”, I feel it as a state, into which I just come, and everything else like, stops existing in that feeling place. Very peaceful place to be in, like being Home.


What helps

About creating the new story, let’s share what helps us to do it? Relaxing the “gravitational pull” of what was.
For me it’s:

1. “how did it upgrade my preferences” question for what was

2. writing in third person point of view, I found it working well when creating the (text) picture of “my ideal day tomorrow”

3. using Bashar’s permission slip about static frames: they exist for every possibility, and we don’t change people or anything in the existing frame, we just choose into which static frame we step next.

4. reminding myself I’m a vibrational being who can focus (and using AH terms, can calibrate and has a Vortex, with which to reunite)

5. remembering Viktor Frankl, who said that in even the most limiting circumstances we still can choose our thoughts

6. starting to list what I love

What helps you?

Uncertainty – preference – uncertainty

An exercise in which 5 sources came together for me:

AH say, instead of focusing on what we don’t want, to focus on what we do want

Eloheim & The Council channeled by Veronica Torres, have a course Uncertainty, with an exercise:

1. uncertainty – to state that where we are in our life situation, how we see it, we face uncertainty: we don’t know how it will physically unfold. And from Eloheim’s Uncertainty 2.0 course, here it’s also Personality coming into play, survival instinct, that drives us to tend to see for it the worst feeling outcomes. By Bashar, it’s negative beliefs system. By AH, our being lame in our focus :) and energy expanding. By IFS, protector parts screaming that we should do something, solve, protect. Creativity parts diving deeper inside, not being allowed to open

2. preferences – to state what we want (and here we can actually focus on what we want, fuller, using this permission slip (Bashar’s notion) that we’re not stating what is (in which, by IFS, our protector parts would come and try to protect us from not facing the truth), here we just state our preferences (which by Bashar also is easier than stating what we want). Thus coming to the feeling of New Earth and of Paradise, by Sara Landon & The Council. Forming the feeling place by AH. Coming into the Vortex by AH. Being the vibration by Bashar. By AH it would be nice to also add, that it’s logical that we prefer it, and maybe list why we prefer it. By IFS protector parts could relax their defense then, letting the creativity parts open, even a bit

3. uncertainty – Eloheim says it’s important not to stay in preferences, to move to uncertainty again, but this time the uncertainty is about the infinite possibilities that are available to us. Subtle shift that is very powerful. Sara Landon & The Council would add here that we usually take into consideration only a part of our resources, while there is much more.

AH, Bashar, Eloheim, Sara Landon, IFS, cooperative components :)

I’m having this image of a mirror..

..between step 8 (boredom) and 7 (contentment). And when I move up and at some point remember something from lower steps experiences, I’m telling myself “it was over that side of the mirror, now I’m at this side, where things come from the Vortex, which were born by, inspired by, those experiences over that side of the mirror”

this way I’m feeling better the flip of that step, I don’t feel obligated to continue the pain chain of those bouncing experiences, I feel they contributed, now their yield is available to me here where I am, in contentment, hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation, happiness, passion, joy, knowledge, freedom, love and appreciation, and I can release the regrets from that side and just enjoy this side’s experiences, bask in them, rightfully so

this is where AH’s words make sense to me: “you’ve done step one! you’ve done your work! now just relax and release the barriers between you and You, relax and allow”, it’s this side, it’s step 3, we came here, let’s bask

I realized now,

rising the emotional guidance scale, why AH (and Bashar) said not to manipulate the outcome: it’s like cheating, putting a sticker on a gas gauge, while I can naturally and fully rise inside. I can rise and feel, and celebrate, it’s amazing.

The new energies come with great help, also as a permission slip: now we can live new possibilities (Jupiter), organized into practical life (Saturn), I love how Bashar explains it here:

I found a new way to go from what is to what I want

It was kind of a challenge for me, my coach drew my attention to this: I’m trying not to invalidate what-is, but then I don’t ask myself, how I want it to be, thus not opening this door to how it can be.

It’s like, when I was asking myself, what I want it to be, I was feeling like betraying the now, finding fault in it. And I didn’t want this feeling (either of it) to be there. I wanted to “be happy with what is and eager for more”, in somehow harmonious way.

And now I think I found a beautiful bridge: I’m asking on what is “How did it update my preferences?”

Then it feels like improvement, and there is in it ‘thank you’ to what is, and I can enjoy what-is, together with the feeling of this growing alignment and happiness into the future. Of this wonderful unfolding and happy flowing forward, being appreciative in the now.

I feel that there is more to it, and this is also a good feeling: that I can go and be with it more, and its beautiful nature will be unfolding to me as I work pleasure with it.

Happy day :)

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is

freedom.” ~ Marilyn Ferguson

Interesting, especially comparing it with what Rikka Zimmerman said: that fear is the sensation of leaving a vibrational box. I love it.

Just choose

I came to see 9 principles Bashar mentions, the 9 unlimited powers we hold. They are:

1. Perceive
2. Choose
3. Act
4. Experience
5. Reflect
6. Learn
7. Grow
8. Transcend
9. Forget (the outdated, so that we could move forward)

Many things impressed me in this, but especially that immediately after “Perceive” there’s “Choose”: we see something? We immediately discern, if that’s what we prefer, and immediately choose, which vibration we now step into.

No going into “why I deserved this”, no doubting, if we deserve better, no “why I attracted this in the first place”, no arguing with the circumstances – just choosing, which vibration we prefer now, based on perceiving this experience and observing our feelings, and stepping into this vibration, now.

Sounds similar to what AH said, to immediately discern and “give our undivided attention” to the vibration we prefer.

I am choosing it now.

Amazingly opening speech by Brené Brown

So much more than just what the title says, both of my post and of the video.

She speaks so down to Earth, knowing from inside all how it goes, addressing the most vulnerable places, offering solutions that feel good and satisfy and allow to go forward with loving, open heart.

Thank you, the world, for bringing it to me :)

(“Brené Brown: Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count”: video)

Love it