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“What makes you feel “safe?”

Note we are not asking, “What do you wish made you safe?” You wish that more money, a partner, a new house, or a better car made you feel “safe.” These types of things do change how you feel, but they don’t make you feel “safe.” The money can always get spent, the partner can leave, the house can wash away in a flood, and the car can breakdown.

They make you feel more secure perhaps, but they contain within themselves further “threats” to feeling truly safe. True safety is found when you invest in that which can’t be lost, that which has no opposite. We have called this bliss, consciousness, connecting to your soul’s perspective … Today, let’s call it self-awareness and accountability. You are accountable to YOU from your own self-awareness.

What do YOU know about you? This is the foundation of true safety. When you seek external “things” and equate those things to being safe, you put yourself in true jeopardy. “Things” create convenience, sure.

Convenience isn’t safety. You, knowing you, and seeking greater knowing of self, generates confidence.

That confidence magnetizes opportunities for expansive experiences of all types. None of that is circumstance-dependent.

Your circumstances don’t define YOU. Your self awareness within all situations is YOU.

Your emanation and actions show others your self awareness. Chase “safety” and you will always seek. Invest in self awareness and you will always reap.” ~ EC

(“What Makes You Feel Safe? MM #12 Eloheim”: video)

“Life is happening NOW”

“When you find that unconditional place of utterly allowing alignment with the Energy that Creates Worlds… ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

But we don’t want you to accomplish this so that you can change the condition – although it will – we want you to find this because… Ah! Love feels so much better right NOW than hopeless… so much better, right NOW. Life is NOW and NOW and NOW and NOW. It’s not later. It’s not later. It wasn’t before. It’s not next. It’s NOW. Right NOW, you can resonate with the fullness of who you are or not. That’s all. Good to know, isn’t it?” ~ AH