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Doubt and desire

“Doubt is almost the most debilitating of all those emotions,
because it is the opposite of desire.

Doubt cannot even exist unless you have a desire that you’re countering.
You have to really want something before doubt is even a factor.
If you don’t want anything,
then not expecting it isn’t a problem.

Many would say, “just stop saying, that you want it,
and then not having it won’t bother you.”
But there’s no regression from a desire.

You can’t pull it back,
so you’ve got to align your habit of thought with it.

You want to talk that doubt down
because you want to feel good.

If you want something
that you can’t see any viable action,
easy to apply method in order to bring it about,
then it’s logical that there would be doubt.

And what we’re saying to anyone about anything, is that
if you have a desire within you,
you have the ability to achieve that desire,
provided you are able to release enough resistance,
that Universal forces can carve out the way to make that happen.

If you have a desire that is really strong,
you may have some doubts,
but if your desire is really strong,
it overrides.” ~ AH