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Delicious pieces from AH LIVE

‎”It’s so interesting to get hold of a thought,
and even though it doesn’t feel good,
to proceed anyway,
because the proceeding is easier,
than the withdrawal from it,
because there is momentum in the proceeding.

And we want to care so much about feeling good,
that if it doesn’t feel good, you don’t proceed.

But you haven’t trained yourselves that way.

In school they say, ‘no matter how it feels, do this instead’.
And as little ones, you say: ‘What?? You’ve got to be kidding! This can’t possibly be right!’
And it isn’t.
But those around you who have given up their sensitivity to what feels good,
will encourage you to do the same.

And you have to reach this really broken and disfunctional place,
when you come to the seminars like this,
where we talk you back into the life.

You have to suffer long and hard, most of you,
before you’re willing to hear us when we say:

‘Life is supposed to feel good for you.
You’re supposed to feel happy.
You’re supposed to feel fun.
You’re supposed to feel your power and your wisdom.” ~ AH LIVE

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