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Auto Replay on YouTube

If you, like me, love to replay some video time and time again, this Google Chrome extension will be useful for you, too:

Auto Replay for YouTube – Chrome Web Store

It can even replay some specific portion of the clip! Especially useful in writing down those precious AH words, like those in “You’re the only player” post I did these days.

By the way, the link, with the title of the page and with the “a” html wrapping, I got through another extension:

Copy Title+URL to clipboard – Chrome Web Store

So convenient!!!!!

Several years ago I knew only Internet Explorer. Then a friend showed me Firefox. It was good! But on my computer it was too slow. And I didn’t even try Google Chrome, because that same friend said, that Google takes too much information from the users, and who knows where it may end up……. Thanks to Abraham, Bashar, all my practice, now, when I realized that I don’t have to worry about anything!! – now I can use anything I want to. :)

So I installed Google Chrome and oh am I pleased with it. :) It’s fast, beautiful (I installed a theme with green green grass), and has extension that make my work with the browser such a delight.

But if you’re using Firefox, I think you may look for similar extensions there, too – it may have them. :)


(“Nat King Cole – Smile”: video)

You’re the only player

“We think you should get to want it,
and we think you should get to get it now.

We think you should get to live the benefit of your own powerful movement through life experience.
Nothing should be denied you.

If you have the power to want it,
this Universe has the power to give it to you,
but you have to find vibrational alignment with it
in order to let it in.

..You’re the only player in this game.
It’s just you and you. That’s all it is.

All those other people, who are saying, “No, it’s me, no, it’s me!
I’m the one who you must consider, you have to listen to my rules,
you have to do it my way, you have to consider what I want!”

All they are – is just data that helps you to identify what you want.
They’ve already served their purpose – you know what you want.
Line up with it. They’re all irrelevant now.

Don’t you love knowing that?
The people who think they choose you for the movie roles, are irrelevant.
The people who think they’re the power behind things, they are irrelevant.
The only thing that’s relevant, is your desire
and your relationship with it.

The stream is flowing, go with it!
No one can deprive you of anything,
The basis of your life is absolute freedom.

We would say: “My work is to find any thought
that feels sorta-kinda-slightly better than the thought I had before.”
That’s your work.
Because when you say: “My work is to completely line up with my vision,”
and somebody is in your face, which makes it temporarily impossible for you,
to line up with your vision,
then if you take yourself for your absolute word,
then you feel like a failure in this moment,
you’re moving upstream.

But if instead you say: “My work is just to make the best of this, and the best of this,”….

Another thing: When you try to line up with the precision of your vision,
you can’t do it, because you can’t even begin to know,
what the precision of your vision is.

Where if you’re reaching for a feeling,
rather than the precise thought that you think will get you there,
you’ll go with the flow, and it is so much easier.” — AH

from here: Abraham-Hicks – Sweet Revenge

Funny clip

(“Dream a little dream of me”: video)

On your way with you

Do you read internet on your mobile phone? Then it may be of interest for you, too.

I found that even though I did the vibrational work, when creating focus felights, but sometimes I come back to the same issues, and going through them again helps me to shift again to a better feeling.

(If you never used focus delights – they are like focus wheels, but not exactly, even though sometimes they contain emotional ladders similar to those of focus wheels.

Focus delights let you compare, which thought feels better, really feel the difference, and when you compare several times, back and forth, the power of the good feeling from the better feeling thought is so huge, that it pulls you to it.

It shifts the criterion for choosing the thought. It gives you often two opposite variants, to let you feel the difference and get a chance to surrender to the guidance from your Source.

When you try it, I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. :) For me, focus delights proved to be the most powerful tools.)

But to open those pages on the blog was too heavy on the mobile phone, so I created the lightest pages, really really minimal, almost only text, which I then can open many times during the day, wherever I am.

Today I got great help, just when I needed it, from these two:

1. Focus delight (general) (full version is here)
this one is good when you have this unsettling feeling, doubting what you’re about to do, or feeling not really doing what you should do;

6. Focus delight (validation, “results”) (full version is here)
this one is good when you do something, and not really see the results you were hoping for.

The list you could bookmark on your mobile phone, is:
from there you can easily find what suits you best, every time you come there.

Here’s to the better feeling. :)

This song seems to go well with..

..the mantra “My future is irresistible.” :)

(“Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling”: video)

Colorful word cloud for your blog

Mine is:

Get yours here! :)

Music for a relaxed weekend

Enzo Enzo – Les Yeux Ouverts

Lisa Ekdahl – Its Oh So Quiet

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

Renee Olstead – Georgia On My Mind

Martin Taylor – Georgia on my mind – here it’s just guitar, an amazingly wonderful guitar

Naive fascination

“Meditation is at its most potent when you have no expectation, when you’re open to everything and when you maintain an attitude of naive fascination.”
Paul Wilson

Two posts that touched me

Angel’s Insight
“Do not block the incoming and constant stream of goodness and abundance of love and light in your life by doubting your worthiness to receive. Instead, throw open wide the doors of your heart and let love in. Fully and deeply in this moment, let love in. Angels surround you! Breathe and feel the gentle presence. You are worthy. Graciously receive; there is only love.

Angel’s Insight
“Let the mind understand and the heart know this: Love is the only thing, the real thing. Only Love is real.”