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Music I liked

(“Gustavo Montesano – Rumba Claro de Luna (Beethoven: Sonata para piano Nº14)”: video)

reminded me of this clip, also with classic music in the background, I can watch it endlessly and listen to it on repeat.. especially when I’m not in the highest state, but want to feel better.

(“Get In The Vortex, And Then What?”: video)

Gary, I already showed it to you, but I hope you’re glad to see it again. :)

Interesting recognition

I just paid attention, that when I’m saying to a man (in the process
of focusing myself on his sides I like), “I love your energy”
(meaning, the way what he is feels to me), it eliminates all my
resistance towards him. In that moment. :)

Maybe because for me his energy means all that he is, and then I’m
taking him in his entirety, not judging any parts of his behavior? Who

By the way, when he asked me, what he is for me, I honestly replied:
“Demo version. Of what’s possible.” :)

So simple

just catch the tail of the right comet.. :)

“I’m understanding that my work in every moment
is the creation of a thought now
that hooks me up
in the direction of where I want to go

I don’t have to figure out, how to build the whole dream,
I just have to figure out, how to get on the highway,
moving in the right direction.

I just have to find just beginning pieces of it,
and I know, they always feel good when I find them.

..my efforts are taking me to the wrong pathways..
..it’s my relaxing, it’s my letting it go,
it’s my letting it be, that hooks me up with the right pathway..”

(“Abraham Hicks – Beautiful Rampage of Creation”: video)

I can feel now (not because I’m there right now, but thanks to my vibrational experience), how impossible it is to afford ourselves the luxury to feel it from a very low vibration, from a place of fear, surviving mode, feeling of lack.. I think there in the low vibrations it’s just piece by piece, get a relief from where you are. Just get a relief..

And then there is some tipping point, when the future looks brighter, there is this possibility to bask in new thoughts, set the need of the physical action a little more aside, and feel how lighter thoughts are taking in the right direction…

Lovely hugs

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The sense of listening to Abraham

I love it when AH say something I felt, but never put into words..

“That’s the fun of a gathering like this:
when you’re moving through an ordinary day, in your ordinary life,
with your ordinary people and your ordinary projects,
you’re ordinarily more a match to what is,
than you’re a match to what’s in your Vortex.

But in a gathering like this,
when we’re contouring each and every conversation
to direct you towards what’s in the Vortex,
you get the experience of practicing
that alignment with Who You Really Are.

And the more you practice the alignment with Who You Really Are,
the easier it is for you to bridge those beliefs
and form new beliefs that will serve you better.

Beliefs of invincibility, beliefs of clarity,
beliefs of personal power,
beliefs of being able to create anything you want,
whenever you want, wherever you are.

No limitations for you. You’re powerful creators.
And it’s time for you to begin to demonstrate it for yourself,
for your joy.”

(“Abraham-Hicks: Why Disbelief In Long Healthy Life Experience 2011”: video)

By the way, the next Abraham LIVE workshop is on April 30, 2011, 9:00 a.m. – 12:50 p.m. CDT. Tingling possibility to participate from home. :)

It’s awesome! :)

“So when someone says to you I don’t like you,
they say it with words or with body language, or with some sort of behavior,
you want to stop and say to them:

You have done such a service to me!
because you’ve made me realize, you don’t like me,
which means,
I must be offering a vibration that’s unlikable,

but I’m not changing it because I want you to like me,
I’m changing it because I don’t want to rendezvous with you any more!

I’m not changing my behavior so that you’ll feel better,
I’m changing my behavior so that I don’t keep rendezvouzing with the likes of you!

a surprising twist :))

(“How To Soothe Your Insecurities – Abraham Hicks”: video)

Posting to WordPress blog by email

I just found out the one missing piece, because of which it didn’t post: I only filled the details in Dashboard > Settings > Writing > Post via e-mail. But as I found out here, I should also tell my blog to take it from my mail and post it. For me the way of least resistance is just manually, going to the link they say.

It’s to those of you that might want it, as my mind laughs at me now and says, that everyone knows it, or no one just needs it. But my inspiration calls me to post it. So I’ll give in. :)

By the way, do you have criteria when to act on an impulse?

I love this: first of all, I’m telling myself “It’s an emotional path”, meaning, that I’m getting what I want by setting up my vibration right. So with this statement I’m checking if I’m going to apply the action in order to “fix” something. If it’s so, then on applying “It’s an emotional path”, I feel relief, that I don’t need to do that.

Then I remember Abraham saying, “you will be inspired to actions, and you will feel slightly uncomfortable if not following up with them”. So I’m seeing if that’s true. This time it was. :)

I also love the “Hell Yes” criteria AH once mentioned: that unless something is “Hell Yes”, it’s “Hell No”. But sometimes “slightly uncomfortable” is more feelable for me. Maybe it means, that I should do some vibrational work still on it, before following up with the action, but I’m oh so lazy.. :)

P.S. Wait a minute… was this second part of this post the reason my inspiration called me to post it?……

Little process up

“I know,

that the mere fact that I feel so tense, unpleasant and frightened around this subject, means,

that a great amount of joy is locked up somewhere in it,

which I can feel, when I improve my vibration, even a little bit.

And I know how to do it.”

Two thoughts that magically free me up

1. “No one needs to approve of me, I can love all the people by myself.”

2. “It’s not that important what I’m doing.”

Sweet daisies :)

My aunt just came from Barcelona. She brought many beautiful photo, but this one just so touched me, triggered me, .. I don’t know, it’s just mine.. you know :)