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Interesting recognition

I’ve been going full day now wanting to come home and share it with you. :)

I did something. Financial. I wanted to do it, but when I did it, I started second-guessing, doubting.. “Maybe it’s bad that I did it.” => I paid attention I felt bad. Started to find better feeling thoughts.

In the beginning it was “Maybe it’s good that I did it.” “It’s good that I did it.”

And then, to my surprise, a thought “I did it” turned to feel the best. “I did it.”

Simple. Powerful. Definitive. I love it. :)

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  • Purplelvr:

    I just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it! :) This post spoke to something I just recognized in myself!! It was financially related as well. I doubted a decision at first, but now I’m super excited about it! And, I did it deliberately, which makes it even better. :) This post helped solidify that realization even more. Thank you! :)

    • Olga:

      Oh I love it so much! :) Yes, the feeling of deliberately molding thoughts… is so sweet and empowering. Addicting. :)

      And, thank you! Very much! :)

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