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SUCH a light thought! :)

When procrastinating, or doing something I shouldn’t do, – suddenly telling myself: “It’s the BEST thing that I could do at this time!”

It lights me up like nothing else :) I begin to feel like a little lamp or some other source of ..glowing! Almost makes me want to do something I would normally judge, to feel the pleasure of freeing myself with that sentence.

And I feel the difference in my approach.. I feel my progress in all this deliberate alignment:
I recognize that I feel bad,
I ask myself: “What is it that I’m thinking right now, that is so wrong that I feel so bad from it?”,
I’m looking for thoughts from which I feel even a little bit better, thus aligning with my Inner Being,
I’m basking in this newly found better feeling thought.

Ah.. the joys of deliberate allowing. :)

By the way.. did you see the AH session with “It’s alright for me to distract myself from negative emotion by indulging in something that I find pleasurable”? I spoke about it here. It explained SO much to me.

Music I liked

(“Gustavo Montesano – Rumba Claro de Luna (Beethoven: Sonata para piano Nº14)”: video)

reminded me of this clip, also with classic music in the background, I can watch it endlessly and listen to it on repeat.. especially when I’m not in the highest state, but want to feel better.

(“Get In The Vortex, And Then What?”: video)

Gary, I already showed it to you, but I hope you’re glad to see it again. :)