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It’s the idea of the solution that you seek alignment with

“When you are in the Vortex,
what that feels like, is
you wake up and you feel clear-minded
and you’re eager to get into your day,

and a whole flood of ideas that are interesting to you,
are pouring through you,

and from the moment that you begin your day,
people who are on your wavelength,
who are interested in things that you’re interested in,
begin making their way into your experience,

and magical things just open to you, all day long.

It’s not like, the ceiling opens and piles of money come in,
although the process of that does begin.

It’s more like, rendezvousing with the best that you are
and beginning to feel your life come back to you

And the thing that is so interesting is
so often physical friends think that
if they could just solve that problem, then they would feel better

and we say,
of cause it does feel better when the solution comes

but we want you to understand that it is the idea of the solution,
it’s the alignment with the energy,
that you’re really reaching for

You have a very minor,
a very minor, enhanced contrast,
for the purpose of queuing you up
for what’s going to happen in financial matters
for the next hundred years or so.

So, we don’t think it’s a big price to pay,
we think that you’ll endure it,
we know that your nations will survive it,
we know that most of you will continue to do just fine,

and some of you, depending upon your attitude,
your belief, your understanding and your willingness,

some of you will get into the Vortex
and you will thrive beyond anything that you’ve ever known before,

because the energy is greater,
and in absence of resistance
you have to become everything that you’ve asked for

it’s law,
it can be no other way.”

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