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Tools I use: Emotional ladder on a feeling of a problem

It’s from my own tools: I wrote it on a piece of paper and hung on my fridge.

Now every time I feel I’ve got a problem, I turn there and work my way through the sentences.

I spaced them to more easily focus on each sentence until I feel it, then move to the next one.

THIS situation

put something into my Vortex

and I can get it

when I connect to it.

Now, what is in my Vortex,
easily feelable?

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April Energy Forecast


Here’re my comments I added there:

1. thank you, Lee, this is great! now I know where my fears came from :) and I’m less afraid of them.

I love in coping with fears a CET technique, that I recently discovered:

their Core Energy Meditation is also amazing.

Also, listening to Story’s Awakening Broadcast helps, and his “You are God”, too.

All the processes of getting into the Vortex by Abraham-Hicks, including their Guided Meditation

Lifeflow brainwave state meditations

Klaus Joehle’s “meditation of experiencing $3.6 mln.”

Bashar’s Guided Meditation “I am” and their courses: “Changing core beliefs”, “Beyond The Secret into abundance”

clips of Abraham-Hicks and Bashar on YouTube: AH are always calm me down, and Bashar always reassures :)

would be good if other people shared also, what they do to cope with fear.

2. Ah, and I am also telling myself these things that Story Waters sent in his newsletter at some point:

“I welcome my joy. I welcome my freedom. I welcome my dream, and I welcome how it will change me, how it will change my life. I trust in this change. I trust in this invitation. I trust in my Self. I trust in this feeling and it is through this trust that I will walk through my fears; I will walk through my pain; I will walk through my past. I will enter the emptiness within me and fill it, fill it with this knowing, fill it with this invitation, fill it with the flow that I am. No resistance. No control. No need. Just being. Just walking forward, walking ever deeper into the Now. I release all that I have known. I am ready to know anew and I am ready for that to change and flow forever, eternally. I need no base. I need no structure. I am that I am. I am that knowing. I am Now.”

“Where you choose to focus your consciousness leads the unfolding of your experience. You are the ultimate determinant of where you place the focus of your consciousness. This is to say that you are free. Pay attention to where you are paying your attention. Hold in your conscious awareness the choice of what you are holding within your awareness. Your focus determines the face of the reality you are experiencing.
Marvel at this power. Marvel at this realization. Marvel at the simplicity. You are choosing the unfolding of your life through where you choose to focus your consciousness. What you focus upon is what you are travelling into. What you focus upon is the flavor of energy that you are integrating as it passes through your beingness. What you focus upon is the energy that you are choosing to swim in – submerge your being in. This choice is profound. This choice is the most powerful determinant of where you are going. You are making this choice in every moment.”

“You are the creator of your story. You choose which of these polarities you identify with. You choose your story. You choose your history. You choose your being. Your entire self-definition is of your own choice.
Within the world there are many polarities which have been given great importance, so there is a natural predisposition for people to identify with them and see them as an absolute truth; but they are not. This is a form of mass hypnosis and you do not need to be contained within it; for you are the creator of your own story. You are God. You are being. You are that which is choosing the experience of yourself. You are the experience and you are the creator of the experience. All outside of that is illusion. You create the illusion to experience it. The experience is that which is real. The experience is that which unfolds your being. The experience of the unfolding of your own story is in the Now.”

“Say it, and feel it, carry it with you and be it:
‘I am ready to let go of the chase, of the escape, and simply be myself. I am enough. What I am is enough. There is no failure. There is no lack. There is nothing going wrong. I release all expectations that I put upon myself, either directly or through the world. I am worthy. I am sovereign. I am enough. I am more than enough. I am excited to be what I already am. I am amazing. This is amazing. This life is amazing. I am ready to experience it through the knowing that I am enough.'”

“your pain is not you
it is you exploring yourself
it is you exploring this reality
it is you exploring beingness

you’re choosing to flow the energies in

this is to say,
you create your reality

you’re not a wounded soul
you are masters
that are in this world
in this incredible translation
resolving energies”

3. I just realized something.. I remember when I read what Abraham-Hicks said about the earthquakes awaiting, they said, there will be a lot of changes in our future, and those that despise the change, will go, while those that applause the change, will want to stay. At first it was a crash – I realized, that all the time when I wanted to manifest something, all I wanted ultimately – is to create this stable bubble for myself, where I could live calmly and in comfort. So when I was told, that it is doomed, at first I felt it like a crash. But then I felt such ease.. and I realized, that what I learned these years, now makes sense! Because that’s exactly what I learned: to find my path in changes and be happy, build my own happiness in the diversity!

And I realized now that when I read what you said “we’re not guaranteed anything”, at first it felt like a crash, too, but then it felt like such an ease!! I read it again and again, to milk this state. And I just understood, that the ease was from the feeling that nothing holds me now, if nothing is guaranteed. Like, when something, my happy comfortable being is guaranteed by some power outside, then I have to comply! I have to behave like this power wants, in order to be covered by this guarantee. But if there is no guarantee, then there is no obligation to behave like someone wants me to behave. Then I can just be. Realize what I want and go there. Live.

Thank you :)

I just realized..

That I enjoy what I achieve only at the moment when I achieve it,
and if I could properly align with it before,
I could enjoy it much in advance..

Because when it’s achieved,
it’s time to start enjoying the new desires..
Otherwise the soul feels contracted, when I’m focusing in the past..

It feels like I want to go forward,
look forward like with the vision –
that the eyes like more to look to the far-placed object,
the farther the better.

Maybe for our soul,
it’s kind of the same..

What a powerful process!!!

In Telling New Story, in ever-repeating dialog about us sticking with the truth of it, instead of with how it feels, as the main criteria of thinking a thought, ABraham suggested adding after we say, “It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.”

I tried it today in the morning, regarding some circumstances in my life I was unhappy about. And it works wonders!! Immediately it filters the thoughts to only those that I really want more of, in my life!

And it also made me to look for the things there, in these circumstances, and outside of it, that I could really say “It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.”

Was it the Positive-Aspecting in its best!! I somehow never was comfortable with the Positive-Aspects process, but here it’s not just a huge pleasure, it’s also very very powerful. Immediately I felt a relief regarding that situation, and at all, it became for me much easier and more pleasant to think about things in my life that I appreciate (or could appreciate).

“Usually people are honest with me.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.

They spoke with me.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.

They sent me some good things.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.

They’re very loyal to their company.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.

I was able to call them.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.

I was able to shout at them, first time ever.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life. Or do I? :) I want more of the feeling of the power that I felt, in comparison with feeling helpless before that. I felt some power. It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.

Usually people I meet turn their good sides to me.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.

I met so many wonderful people.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.

I feel so much better now. Such a relief. These feelings, these thoughts must be really good for me.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life.”

I also understood that Abraham would say, no matter what they do – they cannot create in my reality, they cannot diminish the abundance in my life, only I can do that with limiting thoughts, and I just did the work to come to better thoughts, so I increased the flow of abundance into my life, I’m so proud of myself, Amen to that. :)

One of the best processes I’ve found, ever.
It’s the truth, and I want MORE of it in my life. :))

“A Motto Won’t Disappoint You”

instead of a New Year’s Eve resolution, think of a motto – what a great idea! I love it.

I took it to the extreme, and made it just a mantra, “Goddess”. Yahoo!! :)))

Standpoint of a Deliberate Allower: New Version

Revisioned from here.

“I’m delegating solving this problem to the Universe

and since I, dealing with this contrast, gave birth to something really wonderful in my Vortex,

I will focus on connecting with my Source,
to connect with what I put there in my Vortex,
to feel these wonderful things that I put there,
to feel reconnected with mySelf, the Expanded Version of Me,
with my newly added power.

As long as this contrast still feels like a problem that should be solved,
it simply means that there still are some benefits in my Vortex, which I haven’t connected to, yet.
So I’ll wonder, what they are? how they feel?

And I feel and appreciate my love and my power.”

OMG, such a sweet feeling!!!!! :))

Placemat process

The details of the Placemat Process I mentioned in the previous post:

(“Abraham – The power of the placemat process”: video)

When I’m doing my 3-column process (A twist on Focus Wheeling, that helps me A LOT!), by the idea someone once gave me, I sometimes complete it, assigning all I wrote in the right (“in the Vortex”) column, to the Universe to bring to me. :)

Sometimes it gives me some more doubts, then I solve it like I did here.

Sync: a Placemat Process thread from that forum.

Such a pleasant technique

(The new joy technique.)

It’s a perpetual flip calendar, with extracts from “Ask and It Is Given” by Abraham-Hicks, and today’s quote there is:

“There is nothing that you
cannot be, do or have; and
we want to assist you in achiev-
ing that. But we love where you
are right now, even if you do not,
because we understand how joyful
the journey to where you want
to go will be.”

And I’m basking in it the whole day :) taking subject by subject what I want and then thinking the following:

1. It’s possible (“there is nothing that you cannot be, do, have”).

2. My path there will be joyful. That’s it, the struggle is over. From now on it’s a joyful journey.

And with each phrase, each thought, such a relief ripples through me! :)
I love it. I love you, Abraham. :) And Esther, and Jerry. And you, my reader. Have a wonderful day! :)

New joy

A present I made to myself this New Year, is this:

[amazon_my_favorites design=”2″ width=”480″ title=”I Love” market_place=”US” ASIN=”140191053X” color_theme=”Default” columns=”1″ rows=”1″ outer_background_color=”#6F6060″ inner_background_color=”” background_color=”” border_color=”#6F6060″ header_text_color=”#FFFFFF” linked_text_color=”#666666″ body_text_color=”” shuffle_products=”True” show_image=”True” show_price=”True” show_rating=”True” rounded_corners=”False”/]

I love this word


have a good day!! :)