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Ok, so it’s just a carrot :))

There is something that I want to get. And somehow I had doubts regarding.. doesn’t matter, had doubts. Like, “is that all?” (OMG, but it’s MY vibrational reality, I can say what I want!)

And now this video by Bashar really brought the point: (in my words) “sometimes you wanting it, doesn’t mean you have to get IT, it may be a dangling carrot: the Universe just wants to get you moving in that direction, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get the carrot.”

thank you, Bashar! :)

(“Bashar – Excitement and Manifestation”: video | mp3)

Oh this is so good!..

‘..as Bashar would say, “Your world is preparing for a level of unconditional love never before seen on your planet. Even in ancient times in cultures far more connected to spirit than your own, never before have you gone THROUGH the darkness and into the light. And the love, once regained, will be profound. And it will never be lost again.”‘

from The Funkmeyers!

thank you :)

Thought is like a smell?

Thinking about all these recent “if you want it, you can have it” quotes, and also “thought is material”, as I saw in one course yesterday, and “life never gives you one-side creation”, it came in me to this comparison I like very much:

what if, thought is like a smell: when we smell something, it means the molecules are there, it means the thing exists. And in the same way, if the thought exists, it means the thing IS, exists.

it exists vibrationally already, which corresponds to our thought and desire regarding this subject.

but to bring it into the physical world, too, we should align to it our physical self, too, grow it, grow with it in our physical life (as Bashar says, “live it to the degree you only can”). It’s only logical.

I have such warm feelings and sensations thinking about it this way, that certainly my Inner Being is encouraging me to think so. And it’s even more pleasant!! Yes-yes-yes!!! :))

God morning to you, like it is for me!!!!!!!!!! :))

Integrating Self with All That Is, or Why we may want controlling others

“Choosing the positively manifesting reality will be integrating yourself with All That Is, whereas knowing yourself as separate from All That Is creates an idea of isolation that does not allow you to feel your connection to All That Is. This leads to the need to dominate. For when you separate your self from All That Is, controlling and dominating others is perhaps the only way you will feel you can collect what you see around you, to you.” — Bashar, “Blueprint for Change: A Message from Our Future”

This explains to me so much.. like, why we want to get something – we just intuitively know, that we should be connected to it, and so we’re trying to create the connection, the way and using the tools we know. So, getting what I want – this is why releasing the resistance to it, with focus wheels or anything, feels as good as getting it physically, – because it is connecting to it, restoring the full me. Expanding (thus creating a new part of me) and then connecting with that part of me, fully. Wow..

You create your reality

a deleted segment from the movie I LOVE, Tuning In

All that you wish, manifested

“Every individual is as powerful as he needs to be to have anything he desires in life without having to hurt anyone else, or himself, in order get it.” — Bashar

“You are not ever given a desire without also being given the ability to accomplish that desire.”

“We would like to continue discussing the idea that all situations and circumstances within your physical experience, your day-to-day reality, are basically neutral props in relation to each other, and have no inherent meaning within them other than the meaning you give to them yourselves. Everything being blank, empty, neutral allows you to extract for the circumstance the effects you desire by assigning to it the appropriate meaning. It is simple mechanics: positive meaning in, positive effect out; negative meaning in, negative effect out.”

“Remember, for every single thing that you truly want to do, that is truly representative of you, there will always be a place and a time in which it can be done. You would not exist if that were not so. There is never one side to creation. Always it is complete. And for every desire, for every true self wish, for every soul wish, there is always the opportunity to manifest that wish in the reality you are in right now.”

“Only by being your natural self will you be your natural shape and only by being your natural shape will you fit in the original space designed just for little.. old.. you, and by fitting in that space do you then act in service to every other piece, because then you support the whole which supports all the other pieces who are willing to be their true, natural shape. That’s how it works.”

“… in no way, shape or form does it (process) need to be as long, involved, or complicated as many of you have created it to be. If you are willing to remember that desire and imagination, in and of themselves, actually represent your manifestability, you can then allow the time frame between the original conception and the manifestation to be extremely short.”

“Desire — your ability to desire something — is your ability to manifest it. The Universe, as we have said, does not toss you one-sided coins. If you find within yourself the capacity to desire something, that is your signal that you have the capacity to manifest it– easily, effortlessly, as quickly as you possibly can believe you are capable of doing so.”
(c) Darryl Anka http://bashar.org/

:) I was looking in the Internet for the “Remember..” quote, not to retype it from the book I’m reading (Bashar, “Blueprint for Change: A Message from Our Future”, here is a great review on it/story about it), and found all these, here.

This is from there, too:

Abraham, Directing Your Focus:

“There are only two things that cause a stagnation or a slowing.

One is, a looking in [the] opposite direction. In other words, resistance. Wanting something but focusing upon the opposite of it and so, disallowing it.

And the other is, not holding thought long enough upon anything. And that’s what we want to talk with you about. What genius is, is nothing more than attention to a subject. Attention to a subject. Because Law of Attraction takes care of everything else.

And so, it is our absolute knowing that you could make a game by saying, “I’m going to focus upon” – and choose some subject where you have light interest.

And make a decision that everyday you’re gonna spend 15 or 20 minutes talking about it, writing about it, looking through magazines, tearing out pictures about it.

And Law of Attraction would make it bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger really fast in your experience. In other words, you would see momentum begin to go…

And so there is no limitation in regards to what you could flow energy toward.

When you say, “I want something.” Source Energy goes to work on it. And it will expand even without your turning your attention back to it. But you cannot turn your attention to the opposite of it.”

Houston, TX 1/5/02 quote (c) Abraham-Hicks Publications. http://www.abraham-hicks.com/
Abraham-Hicks Publications P.O. Box 690070 San Antonio, TX 78269

Powerful, isn’t it? :) Empowering.

My agreement to interaction..

“No one has the ability to force you to be any way. You must choose to agree to interact with them on their level. You must create anger, hate, rage, guilt, frustration, jealousy. You must choose to create those for yourself in order to feel them, because all feeling is a reaction to a belief that exists first. There is… no such thing as a feeling without a point of view that creates the feeling.” — Bashar

all the quotes now are from here.

“Ecstasy is what you’re made of”

“There is no such thing as something that is too good to be true, or too good to last.

Ecstasy is what you’re made of, it is the highest energy of creation reflected and represented through your physical form.” — Bashar

So nice to think about it, when I’m in the right mood. :)

“Problem” dissolving

“A problem is a situation like any other situation. Your belief that it is difficult to change is what makes it difficult to change. So if you wish to dissolve them, stop believing they are difficult to change, and allow them to dissolve. You see, you may be under the assumption that you have to make things change. All… you need to do is allow them to change, because change is the only constant in the universe.” — Bashar

Such a relief from thinking about it. Reminds of “don’t make it happen, let it happen instead” by AH.


“When you Change the belief to, ‘I do deserve to create a reality of effortlessness and ease, and I will be supported,’ then that’s the reality you will get; the universe will support you 100% in that direction. Because now that’s what you believe. All you need to do is be willing to recognize that 100% in the direction you prefer will create the reality you prefer to experience.”

and also:

“Nothing is happening to you, it can’t. It only is happening through you. Because in your reality you are all there is.”

All by Bashar.