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ABC Game

This time adding “I feel” as AH recommended,
and this is for my beloved, for us together:

I feel admired by you
I feel blessing you with my presence; beautiful to you
I feel creating in you excitement
I feel dear to you
I feel exciting, embraced by you
I feel fine, feminine, I feel funny things happening around us
I feel gorgeous to you, Goddess for you; I feel glad we met
I feel happy with you
I feel ideal to you
I feel jumpy, jolly with you
I feel keen loving focus of yours
I feel loved by you
I feel magnified beauty of mine in your eyes
I feel next to you; nibbling on your ear :)
I feel open to you
I feel plenty of good things around us; I feel precious to you
I feel queen for you
I feel rare jewel for you; I feel ready to give it to you
I feel sexy, sensitive, sensual, stylish, slightly blushed :)
I feel tempting for you
I feel unique for you
I feel valuable for you; very-very sweet & sexy
I feel wonderful for you
I feel xhilarated by your presence
I feel yes-yes-yes for you
I feel zipper of yours falling open :); I feel zooming out all the world around us, it’s just the two of us……

What a blessed feeling………… :)) Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

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